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“The advent of our society’s digitization offers new opportunities for businesses to grow and become more competitive. The information system is at the heart of the company; it coordinates, centralizes, and enables teams to deliver.​

Therefore, aligning your information system with your strategy is vital because the agility of your company is no longer an option but a truth for those who want to grow and become efficient.​

NowDSI offers a comprehensive support solution centered on the IT department, with the promise of aligning your information system with your strategy.”

NowDSI Offer

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The results obtained from smartmapping will define the strategic action plan for your IT system and initially prioritize projects that need to be perfectly aligned with your strategy.


Roadmap and Project Prioritization

The identified project portfolio is prioritized with your input. Together, we will define the scope of the CIO’s mission (mission order and dedicated time required for aligning your information system).

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Consultant Intervention or Role

Depending on your needs and the resources you have internally, the deployment of prioritized projects is either overseen by a part-time CIO function or an expert supporting one or more specific projects.

2 Agile Operating Modes

Function Mode Support

  • 1 Strategic Action Plan
    Your IT system aligned with your strategic vision, tailored to your business, optimized to support your growth, and efficient for your operations.
  • 1 Part-time CIO to Lead the Action Plan
    Immersed in the company, possessing a business-oriented perspective, and ensuring the reliability of your IT system.
  • 1 Task Force comprising :
    Internal talents within the company and various external skills, ensuring the success of alignment.

Project-Based Mode : IT Projects

  • Feasibility Study and
    Strategic Framing/span>
    Detailed audit to determine current and future needs, development of specifications by one of our consultants, and assistance in tool selection.
  • Project Management and
    Project Oversight

    Startup strategy, tailored support for the company’s methods (agile, traditional), and project IT management.
  • Custom Mobilization
    and Support

    Transfer of methods to managers to engage teams in IT projects and assistance in implementing and familiarizing teams with the tool.

A unique methodology, Smartmapping


  • Management
  • IT Management
  • Business Management
  • Key Users

Digital Strategy Audit

  • CRM Tools and Reporting/Tracking​
  • Competitor Analysis ​
  • Persona Workshops ​
  • Website Audit

Business Application Audit

  • Inventory of Applications ​
  • Functional Mapping ​
  • Coverage of Needs
  • User Satisfaction

Infrastructure Audit

  • Technical Assessment
  • Risk Assessment ​
  • Recommendations ​

IT Governance

  • Process and Flow Mapping
  • Current and Target Urbanization ​
  • Vendor Identification ​
  • Vendor Skills ​
  • Vendor Scope of Intervention ​
  • Service Coverage ​
  • Tools & Methods Analysis

Our support in the functional IT audit of an association

The association had been trying for several years to implement a new tool that it had not yet deployed to all of its employees. Following the departure of two consecutive IT team members, the association decided to start from scratch and seek the expertise of IT professionals.

The solutions :

Smartmapping conducted (IT audit) over a one-month period at the association’s headquarters :

Multiple interviews were conducted with 20 employees across 10 different departments.

This allowed us to create an Information System mapping, an organization model, an application classification, and a prioritized project inventory. It also revealed issues and led to the following solutions :

  • Implementation of an existing system maintenance (MCO) solution to keep the IT system operational while waiting for the team to be rebuilt.
  • Implementation of third-party application maintenance (TMA) to deploy internal resources for technical solutions to support the business.
  • Recruitment of an in-house project manager, a Chief Digital Officer (CDO), and a developer to handle evolving, corrective, and regular maintenance.
  • Coordination and deployment of the new solution, providing employees with a secure application and business environment.

Results :

  • > Implementation of more efficient tools
  • > Smoother team organization
  • > A new work methodology for various teams
  • > A new approach to support and work
  • > Clear alignment of requests with a supported methodology
  • > A CDO serving as a direct link between Management and IT

“An enriching experience from both a professional and human perspective. Thanks to our technical expertise and support methods, we were able to offer tailored and adaptable solutions in a challenging context.”


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