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“Today, 50% of leads for a SME come from the web. NowLeads supports its clients in strategic thinking and the implementation of a digital strategy dedicated to acquiring new business.​

NowLeads, an expert in digital strategy, guides SMEs and ETIs with a tailored approach, ensuring them a quick return on investment with minimal investment.​

The Minimum Viable Strategy (MVS) allows SMEs/ETIs to easily deploy a new website that is easily searchable by Google and business-oriented—a pragmatic and empirical approach that first targets the hottest prospects to immediately generate business.”

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Deployment of a Minimum Viable Strategy

Redesign of a website with new features for a consortium of partners.

Background :

Nerya, a specialist in IT solutions dedicated to the industry, identified the following challenges :

  • Few leads generated online
  • Undefined target audience (personas)
  • A technical product addressing a tedious but mandatory legal issue to comply with security measures.
  • The software simplifies the daily tasks, which had become burdensome and challenging for the personas but requires a change in workflow.
  • With a small team, their goal is to boost their business online by generating more demonstration requests.

Solutions :

  • First and foremost, the Minimum Viable Strategy (MVS) allowed us to explore the market, its specificities, and those of the personas. A competitive analysis was conducted on :
  • Their website content to explain their product
  • Arguments and solutions to introduce their tools
  • Distribution channels
  • Ways to promote their website, particularly natural search engine optimization (SEO) strategies

A workshop focused on personas was conducted to determine :

  • Professional ambitions and drivers
  • Obstacles and decision-making processes
  • Psychological profiles

These insights enabled us to tailor the messaging around the key points of each persona.

  • The discussion about promotional methods stemmed from this analysis of personas :
  • Paid advertising targeting specific keywords related to the personas.

Based on this, we formulated a strategy to reach these targets :

  • Deployment of dedicated pages for these personas with tailored content for each page.
  • Supported by a paid advertising campaign.
  • To generate a maximum number of demonstration requests.

Results :

From the first day, leads were generated. Nerya experienced a significant increase in leads within 2 months of collaboration and 3 months after their initial phone contact with NowLeads.

"A A culture of pragmatic results ! "

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