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SME owners focus their time on business development and lack expertise in aligning IT with their needs. iakaa’s DaaS (Device as a Service) meets 90% of SME requirements :

A selection of services and equipment to fully leverage collaborative tools and enhance productivity and mobility.

Expert consultancy services to optimize your IT infrastructure and guide its evolution toward the Digital age.

Simple, efficient, and can be tested without commitment.

An all-in-one packaged propulsion solution

Equip your SME with iakaa boosters and enhance your company’s security.

Icone supervision


IT Equipment

Easily provide your employees with suitable IT equipment through rental solutions, purchase assistance, and refurbishment options.

Benefit from manufacturer warranties to ensure the security, durability, and efficiency of these tools.

Icone supervision



Create a conducive environment for productivity and collaboration, whether working individually or in teams, on-site or remotely, by implementing a complete software suite, including essentials like the Office suite, along with the new features offered by Office 365.

Harness the synergy between these tools to optimize workflows and promote optimal efficiency.




Avoid most incidents, and if needed, promptly obtain effective resolutions through the NowBoard client portal.

Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) coupled with AI-powered technical support guarantee efficient and responsive assistance from our experienced technicians.



Ensure optimal security with essential Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), while considering complementary solutions based on your needs.

Explore audits to assess vulnerabilities, and understand the significance of a Security Operations Center (SOC) with experts available 24/7 for proactive defense.

Work efficiently, from wherever you want, without interruption and NO COMMITMENT!

Two Solutions to Drive Your Digitalization

NIA: an offer focused exclusively on artificial intelligence

Integrate AI into your everyday tools and benefit from 24/7 responses to IT-related questions and requests, as well as your digitalization needs. NIA keeps a record of your conversations and is accessible unlimitedly through TEAMS.

Where AI reaches its limits, our experts excel

For 10 years, innovative software has been boosting IT and the SMEs that adopt them. This is the challenge of YOUR digitalization.

Our experts guide you to define and transform your IT into a digital solution tailored to achieve your goals: IT audit, evolution plan, collaborative software and tools, business process automation, digital invoicing, Business Intelligence, compliance, implementation of security plans, and more.

Have a different issue? Tell us what topic you want to discuss. We’ll respond.

Boost Your Business by Adopting Collaborative Tools

Weliom is a specialized consulting and service company in the healthcare sector. The company aimed to centralize and secure data using standard market tools, such as cloud services and Microsoft 365, to enhance the mobility of consultants and meet its clients’ needs.

  • Implementation of a true Digital Workplace with a full migration to Microsoft 365 Business Premium, incorporating Sharepoint, Teams, OneNote, and Planner, thereby enhancing the fluidity of communication and making IT resources readily available for mobile teams.
  • Deployment and monitoring of security modules by our SOC team: user identity control, detection of advanced threats, protection of sensitive information, and implementation of data backup.
  • Training users on the new features of Microsoft 365.
  • Provision of customer support available at all times and accessible through Teams.

Thanks to the availability
of the teams, we were able to deploy the solutions in stages.

Today, collaborative work is optimized,
and most importantly, data and access are secure.
We have achieved significant productivity gains through Microsoft 365.


CEO of Weliom


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